Similar books written before the Book of Mormon?

Many question the origins of the Book of Mormon. Two other books which are said to have striking resemblance to Joseph Smith’s Book of Mormon,  were written prior what he claimed was the “most correct of any book on earth”.

1830 – Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith authored the Book of Mormon in 1830. And yes, he did claim to be the “author” in the first version of the book. But seven years prior to that…

1823 – View of the Hebrews

Many historians have found that there is so much resemblance between, View of the Hebrews and the Book of Mormon, that some have called Joseph Smith’s writing plagiarism.

1816 – Manuscript, Found

Fourteen years before the Book of Mormon was written, and 7 years before View of the Hebrews was written, another book of similar subject matter was written, called Manuscript, Found by Solomon Spalding.


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